Supporting Your Workforce’s Financial Security Through the COVID-19 Crisis

At a time when every one of your employees is focused on the health and safety of their family, you are also tasked with helping to ensure your employees are financially stable in both the short term and the long term. 


The DailyPay Workforce Index has been following the need for employees to access their pay to prepare for, or battle, the effects of COVID-19. Our recent statistics show that 43% of employees using DailyPay are accessing their pay early for coronavirus-related expenses - a number that spiked 400% in recent days. 


We salute all of the employers who are going the extra mile for their employees. Learn from them and help ensure you are creating the best scenarios today and in the future. 

Jeanniey Mullen

Chief Innovation and 

Marketing Officer


Jason Lee

View this On-Demand webinar today and learn:

• How COVID-19 is affecting and will continue to impact hourly employees in 4 key industries

• Ways other companies are supporting their employees’ financial health during this time

• What DailyPay is doing to help its partners and their employees throughout this challenge

DailyPay, the premier provider of the daily pay benefit, goes beyond financial wellness with a flexible, simple and compliant pay experience that strengthens the employee-employer bond and significantly enhances the employee experience throughout the enterprise, at no cost to the employer.

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