The Impact of COVID-19 On Employers and Employees With DailyPay

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has created a global pandemic. We salute the employers going out of their way to support their employees and their families in every way possible during this challenging time. With over 2 million employees who have access to their earned income through DailyPay, we are seeing sharp changes in many areas. 

Highlights of current insights we have gathered indicate that:

  • This week, all four industries — Call Centers, Hospitals, QSR and Supermarkets — showed double digit decline in the number of working employees in comparison with the previous week
  • Additionally, QSR and Supermarkets continued to show decreasing average hours worked by employees
  • On March 26, 16% of all made advances with specified reason were related to COVID-19 crisis.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have released an index that is tracking hours worked in four industries and the number of earned income transfers that are being requested for coronavirus-related reasons.

We are updating this index frequently to show how providing access to earned income is helping employees to meet the challenges associated with COVID-19.

About the data

DailyPay Workforce Index is based on work hours reported by DailyPay partners from four industries: Call Centers, Hospitals, Quick Service Restaurants and Supermarkets. It also uses reported size of eligible workforce during the observation window (30 days). The data for the current and most recent days may change. Usage of DailyPay for early access to earned income is self-reported data across all DailyPay users, across all industries.

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